Clunes artist statement.

Long Draw” is a triptych of three clay vessels, slip cast with porcelain on a ubiquitous interior space,

and painted with hand mixed stains and glazes. The vessels’ surfaces are dreamlike with hues

shrouded in tone. These hues are reminiscent of a time passed; a part of life which is no longer the

day to day.

In contemporary life, forms, hues and tones, and materials, are often believed to belong to specific

decades. In our now post-manufacturing urban areas, made surfaces are noticed to have left their

imprint and perpetuate ideas and beliefs long afterwards. The history might arise in a paint layer

peeping through a crack, a drip, or a shearing of surface which reveals its place in time.


Was noticing how different venues feel and how they give the feeling. You know like the safety feeling that comes from a new fit out at a medical office, and the edgy one that comes from fading, cracking, older memories… my favourite ghost sign below has so much to say about the last fifty years …