Hard Surfaces

Hard Surfaces was exhibited at 541 Art Space Gallery ( 541 Kent St. Sydney CBD) , as part of the group Kil.n.it exhibition for Sydney Art Month 2018 March 15 – 24. 
Works in the ‘Hard Surface’ series include

  • imprints and castings of seed pods, in clay, glazed and unglazed porcelain.

Along with those fossils of perfect seed packages ( that twisted exactly to be caught by the wind and roll away to decompose, but now roll on bitumen, not soil food any more);
I collected fallen tree wrappings to make

Seed pods

  • lengthy porcelain surfaces, languid and impressed ( the oh so inconvenient falling, and the impressions left behind to play with the light ; and

  • glazed clay relief wall/table pieces

(luscious harvests journey sticky and unappreciated, on resting vehicles. The Davidson Plum and the Moreton Bay Fig proceed with their life regardless, and judged).

Gallery Link

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