Studio 2017

Ceramic works in progress include forms intended for installation work, such as porcelain tree parts, open and seamed platters, slip cast seedpods and fruit and seed parts; and forms to wear.

The artist explores unchanging whilst ever changing aspects of life where the natural object, phenomenon, animal, appears both in and out of context, so that its’, brilliant adaptations are made irrelevant.

Works in the Hard Surface series:

Collection and castings of seed pods, in fired porcelain clay, basketry and wool…

‘Carry’ are perfect packages that open to let free their seed then twist exactly to be caught by the wind and roll away to decompose, but mostly hard surfaces interrupt.

Seed pods 2

Current work: The unwrapping of urban yard- constrained palm trees. Layered lengthy surfaces, languid and cylindrical forms, and horizontal tangles, the oh so inconvenient falling, and the impressions left behind to play with the light…

Street fruit

Developing work : Street fruit obliged to decorate windscreens. A glazed clay relief wall tile and plum or fig inspired forms. This work is inspired by a seasonal phenomenon in the city precinct whereby luscious harvests journey sticky and unappreciated, on resting vehicles. The Davidson Plum and the Moreton Bay Fig proceed with their life regardless, and according to their inbuilt seasonal cycles…what are they doing and being?

Once the summer ends there will be the Suburban bush, where bark stripping giants drop their skins unbidden and suddenly, dressing the ground and exposing their blatant scents and ochre colours …it must be April … trip hazards … exposed trunks hold on to their patches as if modest … what becomes of the bark that can’t feed the soil?

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